So, I’m now a second year, but for this blog post, I’m going to cast my mind back to my first year here at Edge Hill, to help you guys understand what my life was like as a fresher.


  • Science (2-4)
  • Computing (4-6)

I would usually spend my Monday mornings doing any recommended reading for sessions, or anything that I thought would be particularly useful for my assignments. At the start of the year, we had a session on how to read most efficiently, which really helped me get the most from my books, and plan my assignments during this time.


  • Independent Study

Tuesdays were the days I generally spent flitting from one task to another. It was a long time to stay focused on one thing, so I generally planned my day out by what I wanted to achieve and went from there. If I had an assignment due that I knew I needed to write, sometimes that meant switching up my environment; I’d spent the morning in the library with the books, and then come back to halls in the afternoon when I got hungry. After a quick lunch break, I’d be back writing again. Other days were split up into smaller tasks, and often these were easier to stay focused on. It’s about picking a strategy that works best for you.

Last year, Tuesdays were also the day that Strangled Cats Karaoke was on, so my friends and I used to blow off some steam by going along to that. We never got up to sing, but the atmosphere was always a cheerful one. This now runs on a Monday.


  • The foundation subjects – Art, DT, History, Geography, PE, RE, etc (9-12)

My Wednesday afternoons were usually spent with my housemates. Some weeks, this meant a trip to Liverpool or a spot of lunch. Every week, we would do some kind of work together though, which was usually sorting out our files and targets, which are assessed at various points in the year, and in the last few weeks.


  • Maths (9-11)
  • Academic Professional Development (APD) Lecture (12-1)
  • English (2-4)
  • APD (4-6)
  • Optional session: Technology Enhanced Learning (Tel) (6-8)


  • Minor Specialism: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) (3-5)

Sometimes I’d get to go home on a Friday! This meant that I’d spend my morning packing and tidying. If I wasn’t going home, I often spent Friday mornings going to buy food, or doing laundry – all the fun domestic things you get to do when you come to university!

I made sure to have at least one day at the weekend off to spend with my friends. As hectic as uni life can sometimes be, it’s important that you’re not getting too stressed, and enjoying yourself too.

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