Budget Days Out for Liverpool and Ormskirk

Valentine’s day is a week away, and if you’re single you might be hesitant to go out, but you shouldn’t be! There’s nothing stopping you grabbing some friends and checking out the area you live in and what Liverpool has to offer! So here are some cheap or free activities you can do in Liverpool and Ormskirk.

Liverpool is just a half an hour train ride away, which boasts a range of activities both cheap and free, some of which I have outlined below.  

1# Museums are great for a cheap day out as many are free (or at least the ones I’m going to be talking about are).
The World Museum is a large museum in Liverpool, close to the city centre. It boasts a range of collections from archaeology, ethnology and the natural and physical sciences and has a planetarium. Travel through the floors discovering and learning new stuff for free!    

Or you could take a trip down to the Albert Docks for a lovely little walk which will lead you to the Tate gallery. The Tate is full of art, from a variety of artists, which is all subjective to your own interpretation. So if you’re an art buff it’s a great place to check out, and most of the floors are free!   

2# St Johns Beacon otherwise known as the Radio City Tower, lets you travel up into the tower for around £6 per person you can take in the beautiful view that is Liverpool. Amazing for photography, and just a breathtaking experience overall. 

3# And the last one of this list is the cinema. The main cinema is Odeon where tickets can range around £10 each. However, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want a ticket for half the price then you can take a short train ride to Birkenhead, as right next to the train station is VUE which charges £5 per ticket, a 50% saving!
But if you can’t travel to Liverpool there’s always Ormskirk!

Ormskirk, my adopted hometown, is a quiet town overall, yet still, has a range of activities for you to do if you’re not into the nightlife scene and want to stay local.

1# Go on a walk, which may seem very boring however you’ll find yourself discovering new things about the town you live in. For example last week I discovered there was a convenience shop just down the road which I never knew about! This is also a great activity to do if you’re still sticking with the new year resolution to be healthier. From Ruff Woods to the outer parts of the town centre, there’s plenty of places to discover. If you’re still stuck on where to walk there are online maps to help you out!

The Wetherspoon in Ormskirk

2# Or if you want to treat yourself you could always go out for a meal. Which could be something small such as Subway or McDonalds, or a full on meal with drinks and desserts such as Wetherspoons. Of course, if these don’t take your fancy there’s also takeaways in the town and the Just Eat app which will deliver your food to the security hub at the university if you live on campus. 

3# Finally the campus’ very own Art Centre might provide you some entertainment on this night, with some films being free and others costing as little as £2 a ticket for a student, it’s a cheap night out! To see what’s going on check out the website for more!

Or just grab someone’s Netflix account and have a night in! Just remember, no matter what you’re doing to have fun – as university is a once in a lifetime experience, so enjoy it to the full and don’t let one silly day get you down!
Until next time!

Film/Show of the day: Lilo and Stitch (2002)

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