Are you ready to be all grown up?

So it’s February already and you’ve probably been overloaded with Mock exams, assignments and coursework! Mocks really do prepare you for the real exam and it’s something that in university you may not come across. My course this year has a total of three exams, none of which I can prepare for with a mock exam! Therefore my best advice would be to thoroughly go over the lecture notes, power points and tutorials in order to revise the key bits of information! If your lecturer or tutor is kind enough they may possibly be able to supply you with a past paper, so you know the layout and what knowledge was tested in previous years.

As you’ve probably been told many times, at university you are asked to go away and research things for yourself; unlike school and College where you are mostly still taught solely by the teacher. This is a good thing though – don’t panic! You are becoming more independent – moving away from home, taking control of your own life… including your studies!

However be aware that because of this there is nobody nagging you about deadlines, eating right, getting enough sleep..! It is up to you to take control and prove to nobody but yourself that you are fit for the challenge of early adult hood… or just student life!

Good luck!

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