What can you expect from an Applicant Day?

If you have applied for a course that does not have an interview, such as Psychology, English, Computing, etc, then you will be, or have already been invited to an Applicant Day. The first of these are starting very soon, so what exactly can you expect from an Applicant Day?

Now, I did not attend one of these days as an applicant, as I had an interview instead, but I have had the opportunity to work these events as a Student Guide and get to meet and speak to potential students about my own experiences as a student here at Edge Hill.

In some ways, Applicant Days are very similar to Open Days. There is opportunities for campus and accommodation tours, which I highly recommend, especially if you have not been to an open day. The lovely people giving these tours will answer your questions as best as they possibly can, and there are plenty of staff around to answer any that they can’t!

However, unlike an Open Day, taster sessions are available, so that you have the opportunity to see what it would be like to study at Edge Hill. These are just for applicants, but parents and guardians can attend an information session too, that will help put them at ease – especially if you are the first in your family to go to university!

Feel free to speak to anybody wearing a purple bib on the day! The majority of these will be students who are studying the subjects that you have applied to do, so as well as answering questions about what uni life is like for them, they will also be able to tell you all about their experiences studying their subject!

I hope you have fun at the Applicant Days – and make sure to seek out the delicious refreshments on offer! Make sure you use this time to ask as many questions as you want. There are absolutely no stupid questions and this is your time to find out everything you need to know, to make sure that Edge Hill is the right place for you!

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