More Time Than You’d Think

You are very used to education being an all day thing, with little flexibility and happening 5 days a week. But UNI is not like that, while there may not be a tonne of flexibility on lecture times, there is also a lot of free time where you won’t be based in a class.

This is because the philosophy of education changes at Undergrad level, you are very much working to get your degree, people aren’t going to get it for you. While you will need a lot of this free time to finish essays and work on your reading, there will still be time left over.

When I started first year I thought I would be swamped, having no free time and forgetting that weekend were even a thing, by month two I didn’t know what to do with the time that I had without any purpose.

Regardless of your financial situation, a part time job could be a great way to fill this time, that little extra money is always great, especially if it keeps you out of an overdraft but also not having a big employment gap on your CV will also help in your post UNI job hunt.

This being said don’t go and work every free hour you have, Edge Hill recommends no more than 12 hours a week which makes sense because when work gives you money, times when you lack motivation will quickly mean missed lectures and rushed deadlines.

There are loads of shops in Ormskirk so that is always a good place to start looking, Liverpool is also only 30 Minutes away so there are plenty of options. If you prefer to look a little closer to home there are jobs available on campus that you will be made aware of throughout your 3 years at Edge Hill

Until Next Time 🙂

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