Teacher Training Opportunities: Bett 2017

I’m starting this post sat in a swanky room in a posh hotel in London. I’ve just spent a full day on my feet, lead taking for Promethean at Bett 2017 (British Educational Training and Technology Show) and getting to play with some really cool technology. Before the doors opened, the Digital Leaders got everyone involved in a dance to ‘Cheerleader’ on Go Noodle; right from the off, the buzz on stand was absolutely phenomenal from all and I feel so privileged to have been a part of it. Thanks Promethean!

I have learned so much this week! I was lucky enough to watch a demo lesson on ‘The Naughty Bus’ by Louise Long, the Headteacher at Ibstone School, in which I was able to observe how the ActivPanels and Classflow – the products that Promethean were promoting – could be used effectively to make lessons more engaging. Most importantly for me, as this is a target for my next professional practice, I was able to see how the software could be used to aid individual differentiation.

One of the most enjoyable parts about Bett was how friendly everyone was. I got to speak to a whole host of people from Promethean – people from marketing, the sales team, etc – as well as past and present teachers. And that was just the people advocating for the product! Speaking to a whole range of people coming onto the stand was an experience within itself. Although Wednesday was nerve-wracking, by the second day, I realised that I could whole-heartedly say I loved every single one of the products on the Promethean stand, and explain why! I wasn’t nervous anymore; on Thursday, I spoke to a gentleman who supplied technology for over 20,000 schools!

As well as lead taking for Promethean, we had the opportunity to walk around and see what else was on offer. Knowing that in a few weeks, I have to lesson plan for Phonics, one of my weakest subject areas, I spoke to the Jolly Phonics team, who were able to give me some resources, and guide me to an area of their website I will find more information.

Our motto for Bett is ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ and it really demonstrated to me how, in this profession, you have to make sure you take time off from all the hard work. Getting to know my colleagues was so much fun, and I really feel like we’re part of a team now.

I gained this opportunity by becoming involved. From the 350 people in my year group, only seven attended Bett. We were given that opportunity because we took advantage of the things that have been offered to us. I do a lot at university, and a lot of people wonder why. The course is so heavy as it is and I admit, I make a lot of extra work for myself by getting involved in so much – but as a reward, I get to experience great things such as this. My advice to you, as applicants, is to take every opportunity that is handed to you, because when you’re looking for a job – and this might seem really far in the future – they’ll remember the ones that got stuck in.

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  1. Super blog, Emma. It was a real privilege to spend the week with you and see you shine. You’re an absolute credit to the University and yourself!

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