Graduate Enterprise

This is going to be fairly specific to people who will be studying in the Business School so apologies if you aren’t. However i thought it was important to highlight one of the modules put on in second year that really stand out from the rest and gives you an entirely new set of skills.

Graduate Enterprise gives students the chance to create their own business, produce their own product and sell it in a trade fair on campus. It involves a company called Young Enterprise, and the businesses are real, registered with companies house and allow you to take on a variety of roles.

You go through the entire process, interviews, product design, market planning, branding, it’s all in there. You can work with people you know or join an entirely new team and get to know them.

It is based on entrepreneurship and is great for anyone who has any motivation to go out and start their own business, but even if that isn’t for you, you can still gain a tonne of skills that will make you feel a little more confident in your post UNI life.

It is just one example of what Edge Hill does to make sure that you don’t end your UNI life with just a degree and nothing else to back it up

One of the most successful projects from my year was a group who created a card game called Wet Fish, they ended up going on to win a variety of awards around the country and still make and sell the product today long after the module ended.

If you want to take a look at what they do i’ll link their social media below.

It was a really cool idea and they have done really well with it.

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