The Cliff Before the Real World

Usually education is a stepping stone to more education, with University that isn’t really the case, it is very much the last hurrah before you become a real adult out in the real world.

Universities are aware of this, and as such they try their best to prepare you for life after lectures, this might be in your modules with transferable skills, or extra sessions and events that are put on to aid you in post Uni life.

My main experience of this was the aptly named “Employability Week” it is put on by the Media department and involves a week where lectures are replaced by talks from businesses and sessions on boosting your CV and getting work experience.

It isn’t all talks and CV advice though, in my second year there was a competition to design a campaign for a new local council initiative with a prize of £100 in Amazon Vouchers. Not only would this look great on a CV but the experience of working on live briefs is invaluable.

It has happened every year whilst I have been here and while it may seem too soon to attend it in first year, going every year really hones in those skills and makes the year after graduation a little less daunting.

It isn’t just the Media department who put on events targeting Employability, however this is the main one I have had experience with. In fact Edge Hill have just opened up a new fund that allows students to apply for a grant that will allow them to go and get experience in a way they might not be able to without financial backing. One student recently went to work for a week with Sky News, which would have been excellent experience and something great to add to the CV.

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