Can I get a part time job whilst at uni?

The short answer: Yes!

The long answer:

It’s easy to forget that you’re a full time student when you’re at uni, especially if you only have 12 hours of contact time – time in a lecture, tutorial or seminar – a week. It might seem like you have heaps and heaps of time to spend on a part time job. When I was in sixth form, I was in 26 hours a week, so it is easy to think you have an extra 14 hours a week to spend working. However, there’s more independent work to be done at university, such as studying for exams, writing assignments and reading for sessions. It’s important to factor this time in.

So, what are the options?

  • Currently, on my course, I can be in sessions anywhere between 4 and 18 hours a week, and I also spend 8 weeks of my year on placement, potentially anywhere in the country, so I needed a job that was totally flexible. I chose to work for Edge Hill, because I could choose when I needed to work, and it fit in around my studies. The jobs at Edge Hill (Student Guide, Student Mentor, etc) tend to advertise in Freshers Week, which is the first week that students start in September.
  • Alternatively, I know people on the same course as me who only work during the holidays. These tend to be people that had a job during sixth form/college and whose managers have agreed to keep them on during the holidays. Because uni students tend to have slightly longer holidays – summer, at least, if not christmas and easter – If you currently have a job, it might be worth having a conversation with your manager about this.
  • Another option is to have a weekend job in Ormskirk, Liverpool or wherever it is that you’re living. I know people that have been hired in Primark in Liverpool, the Acropolis Fish bar in Ormskirk, and Morrison’s in Maghull. This might be impacted by whether you’re commuting, or if you have a car and can travel further afield for work.

However, the best people to speak to, when you arrive, are the Edge Hill Careers Centre, who can help you write your CV and apply for jobs and help you out with queries about volunteering.

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