Real housemates of Ormskirk

One of the most important transitions you make whilst at university is the transition from halls (or home) into a student house. For me this is transition is terrifying, am I even old enough to be renting an actual house?

There is a wide range of student accommodation both in Ormskirk and in Liverpool. When looking for a house for second or third year one of the first and most important things to do is to decide who you wish to live with. Often this will be people from your current accommodation, friends from your course or other people you know from university. My advice would be to really consider who you wish to live with as once you have signed for a property you will be living with these people for at least a year, so take time to ensure you know the people you’re living with thoroughly. The next step once you’ve decided who to live with is to look for housing suitable for that number of people. Many people focus their search by looking for a certain number of bedrooms in a property in local estate agents. Although this is important you should also consider other factors such as the size of the kitchen, if it is furnished and how many bathrooms the property has. You can view as many properties as you wish and I would recommend that you do so, you can begin to compare the properties you have seen and decide what will work best for you and your future housemates. There is often the perception that you should rush and go for the first property but this is not the case. As well as liking a property it is important that you work out whether or not it is financially viable for you and if you could maintain the costs as well as allowing yourself money to live from.

To help with any worries during the process of finding a house the university runs housing week in December. During housing week there are workshops that help with advice when finding a house, people are there to answer your questions and the off campus housing list also gets released. The off campus housing list is a list created by the university of landlords that are approved. The list is helpful as it puts all the houses in one place alongside descriptions and contact numbers making it much easier for you.

This link provides much more information on what the university offers in terms of advice on finding a house and can help with things such as:

  • budgeting
  • deposits and insurance
  • paying bills

The university have also created a helpful guide to take with you when viewing properties so that you know exactly what to look for this can be found here:

Overall finding a house should be a fun experience and the university has a lot on offer in order to make this as stress free as possible. Take as much advice as you can get, take your time making a decision and ensure that you are completely happy before you sign up to something.


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