Societies: How/Why to Join One and How to Start One!

Today is Refreshers Fair on campus, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to societies considering I’m in so many: President of Disney society, editor/former DJ for Vibe Media, editor/runner for the Label Recordings (my last post is all about that) and part of the Raising and Giving society.

Societies for me, are a key part of the university life and experience overall as it can open the doors to many opportunities. ‘But why should I consider joining one?’ you may be asking yourself. Well, that is what I wish to answer in this post by using my own experiences, I hope to give you an insight into this topic, and also find one that you’re interested in.

Socialising with others, of course, plays a huge part in being in a society. It’s fundamentally a place where people can meet and gather with others. Which is especially great as they’re usually like-minded people who you share a common interest with. And gives you a chance to meet people from different background and courses, who you might not have met otherwise.    

Additionally, you might learn a new skill if you join a society, for example ‘Sign Language’ society. Or even vibe media as I learnt how to run a radio show! Through learning something new, you’re gaining experience that would look great on your cv while having fun at the same time!

If you want to travel while you’re at university, societies can be a great way to do this. Many sports societies go abroad on tours and even non-sporty societies such as Anime society can put trips to London Comic Con on, as they did in my first year. As well as just general nights out, societies can be a great place to travel and meet new people at the same time.

Overall there’s a massive range of societies to choose from if those don’t take your fancy, from Anime to Rock Climbing, there’s a lot on offer. As well as having the ability to create a society, if acceptable, from one of your hobbies or interest, but that’s a blog post for a different time.So the next step if you do now want to join a society is signing up.

Signing up is as simple as putting your name down at freshers fair to clicking a button on the student union website, yes, that simple. And with many societies being free, you can sign up to as many as you schedule will let you!

As I mentioned before you actually have the ability to create a society, which is what I did. As I stated above I am the president of Disney society, which I set up at the beginning of my first year as the last Disney society disbanded. To show you my take on the experience I will be quoting the Edge Hill new society set up page and adding my own commentary.

Step 1: Think about what your society will look like, what it will do and then try to find 5 other likeminded people who want to join up too!!”

  • This actually wasn’t too hard as I had quite a few friends who loved Disney, and who doubled up as committee members. One of the best parts for me about starting a society fresh is that most of the time you know most of the people in the society as at first it’s just your friends that show up.

“Step 2: Complete the new group registration from here. This is your chance to tell us what your society is and what you want to do.”

  • The form itself is not as difficult as it seems and is a great chance to get your idea in order and figure out what
    For example, we show films!

    you want to do and achieve.  

“Step 3: Once your form has been submitted it will go to the Affiliation Panel who will review the information you have provided. This can take up to a month and the panel might request a meeting or further information about your group.”

  • This wait will feel so long but is totally worth it as this step is between you and your dream society, so definitely needs to happen!  

“Step 4: While we process your application, start thinking about what you would like to go on your webpage. Having your society page up to date is important as it allows other students to find your group and see what it’s all about. Make sure to prepare a description of your group and a logo as once your group has been affiliated your webpage will be ready to go.”

  • This was exciting. This was the moment where all that planning and hoping came together, as this is when you find out if your society has been accepted or not. Also,
    At freshers fair!

    it’s a good idea to plan your description but additionally your social media pages, as once you’ve been accepted it’s your time to make that FaceBook page and start recruiting!

    Overall my experience of societies has been a positive one, as I’ve been able to gain skill in time management and organisation, as well as help build my CV up more (hint to next blog post topic) and even been on a cinema trip with Disney society to see Moana!    

I hope you got something from this post and have a great week.
Until next time!

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