So many courses at Edge Hill incorporate placements to heighten and deepen your depth of experience and learning! It is definitely work asking on open days or looking at the Edge Hill prospectus to see if your desired course involves a placement!

Tomorrow I am starting my last (but not least!) placement in order to become a qualified teacher at the school I have secured a job in- yes… Already!!

Placements are brilliant times to really get to understand your chosen career area, to meet new people and gain an insight into what is required of you to be truly successful!  They are exciting times which allow you to improve your skills in a variety of areas as well as increasing your expertise and experience (something you can’t ever say no to!).

At the end of the day this increases your chances of getting a job, especially compared to someone who has no experience. Plus if you’re well and truly passionate and eager to get working it is a vital and fantastic opportunity that is a worth doing!

Definitely something to think about!

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