App of the day: Google Drive

Recently on Twitter, Stephanie McKellop shared a scenario in which her students had used Google Docs to simultaneously take lecture notes in a collective file. Her Twitter thread went viral, with many praising her students for using their initiative to work together. For someone like me, who is so obviously invested in education, seeing the varied response to this was incredibly interesting.

It is as a result of this tweet, my own love for google drive, and because I’m very excited about a technology conference I’m attending in a few weeks, that I decided to talk to you guys today about it.

There are a number of sections to google drive:

  • Google Docs (Word)
  • Google Slides (PowerPoint)
  • Google Sheets (Excel)

In brackets, I have put the programme which this is most like that the majority of you will be familiar with.

How have I used it?

  • At university, we have to do a lot of group presentations, but we aren’t always on campus at the same time, mostly because a lot of people commute. Google slides allows us to do our research and add to it from home, without having to send all of the work to one person to put together, meaning we’re all doing our fair share of work.
  • My friends and I are pretty nerdy, and very busy people, so we actually used Google sheets over the summer in order to coordinate timetables! It really helped us organised the eight of us, who were all on holiday and working at different times.
  • We used google docs during my History A Level, so that we could get feedback in real time from the teacher whilst we worked.
  • I can access google docs from anywhere and, more importantly, it saves automatically. If my laptop dies or has a hissy fit, I can login to another computer and won’t have lost anything as a result!

How do I think YOU can use it?

  • Get your friends together and set up a docs, whether that be docsĀ or slides, for your revision notes; being able to teach another person really makes you learn a topic.
  • Use the sheets to begin budgeting for university! It works exactly like excel, except this can be shared with your parents, who will be able to help you out!
  • Suggest to your teacher that you use it in class as a way to submit your work.

If there was one app I would recommend from during my time at university, it would be this one, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start using it now!

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