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One thing I’ll always love about Edge Hill is the opportunities it creates, one of which is the student record label, “The Label Recordings”. Which is a non-profit organisation, run by Carl Hunter (bassist for ‘The Farm’) and Clare Henley, who are also media lecturers at the uni. The organisation specialises in helping local unsigned indie artists by producing their music, videos, and getting their singles to radio stations. You may be asking yourself where you’d find yourself at the label. Personally, I am a runner and editor for the label and have been for over a year now. However, there is a variety of roles from camera operator to graphic designer.

My experience with the record label has been a strange but fascinating one, which I wish to highlight a few moments for you in this post in the hopes that you reading may find yourself a new extracurricular activity, as it’s been a great experience, not just cv wise, but in general as the things you can potentially learn while on set will help you later in any industry you wish to go in, as creativity and time management is always a must.

Psycho Disco Face single cover art

The first job I had with the label was a runner on the set of Oranj Son‘s ‘Psycho Disco Face‘ music video, which involved myself, and a group of fellow students running through a forest holding poles, with massive papier-mâché heads on the end of them, while someone ran after us with an iPad filming it. The Label is incredible fun. And since then I have been a main part in everything the label produces, including one of the label’s more recent band ‘Youth Hostel‘.

Youth Hostel is the first band on the label who I have followed from the very start, from filming their promo in Parr Street studio, to editing their final music video, to seeing them rise to success at Liverpool Sound City, which has been a joy to see.  

To summarise, take every opportunity that the university makes available, even if that might include running through a forest holding a pole with a papier-mâché head on it.

If you know any student bands who would like to be featured on the record label, feel free to post your submission to the Facebook page! For more information on the label, please check out their blog.
Until next time!

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