What happens throughout the Year?

So what really happens in each year at uni that you can look forward to? Well… so to give you an insight into what you’re getting yourself into for the next three years what can you expect!

Year 1:

Welcome Week- the introductory week where you settle into university and become accustomed to the nightlife, basically an induction!

Refreshers- A reintroduction week!

Year 2:

Unfortunately this year you are no longer a fresher 🙁 However it’s time to get serious, as it did from A-Levels to year one at uni…. This year will step it up a year and require more time, attention and effort! This year your grades count towards your degree so make sure you work your hardest to get the grade you deserve! You can still join in with freshers during freshers and refreshers week, though you are not given first priority (still a great excuse to watch the fab acts the union puts on!)

Year 3:

Again, this year will step up a level in terms of difficulty, however it is the last push and will fly by in no time!

Grad Ball- for the past few years this has been put on by the union, so fingerss crossed it will be when you are in your third year! This year, it will be held at Aintree Racecourse and an afterparty at the SU!

Graduation- if all is well you will graduate in July, how exciting! This comes round so fast but after three years of hard work it is well deserved!

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