So you may be wondering what is the difference between an applicant visit day and an open day? Well the clue is in the title in the sense that anyone is welcome to attend an open day but applicant visit days are for those of you who have already sent off your application to Edge Hill and received an offer for an eligible course.

An applicant visit day is more specific for your particular course and is definitely worth attending if you feel that you may want to come to Edge Hill. However, often courses will require you to have an interview for your course or audition if you are hoping to study a Performing Arts Subject. If you have to attend a day like this at University it would make sense to ask those questions when you come for the day as there will no doubt be tutors and current students around to help you out. This will also save you a lot of time on travel if you are planning on moving away for University.

If you are unable to attend an applicant visit day they are not something you can rearrange, but you can, in a similar way to open days, arrange a separate day where one of Edge Hill’s student guides will be able to help you and show you around.

These are all optional things that Edge Hill provide in order to help you make the right decision for University. If you come on the first visit and love it (like I did!) then you might find that you don’t need to pay another visit. However, my audition day was really helpful as I was able to chat to current students and find out a bit more about the nature of the course that I was applying to.

These are all useful hints to help to guide you into the right direction for your University choice.

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