To the Year of Opportunity!

Happy new year everyone, I hope everyone has had a great time over the Christmas break, whether you have spent it with mostly with your friends or surrounded by your family. It’s the start of the new year which means…. This is the year you’re going to uni! Even though you may think it is ages away, it is the 1st of January so what better time to start the preparations. One way to do this is by thinking about your new year’s resolution, why not make it relevant to your future, ensuring you achieve all you can?!

So the Christmas holidays are coming to an end which means this time next year you will be prepping yourself to return back to Ormskirk to finish off the last few months. Personally I have exams so this year I have to return to uni tomorrow for my exam on Tuesday. This year the exam period runs from the 3rd January to the 13th, so if you want to enrol on a course with exams be mindful of this week when it comes to holidays etc. You will have to remember to make sure you pack everything that you need for university again, there is nothing worse than making the journey back to university and realising you’ve forgotten something you need! So making sure you’ve got your essentials i.e. folders, laptop/tablets, money and obviously clothes!!

So enjoy the first week of the new year, start it as you mean to go on!

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