A Day in the Life

Now as much as I would like it to, I can’t lie and say that my day often begins with me springing out of bed, watching the sunrise and skipping off to a lecture. As a primary education student my timetable is pretty varied and some days my lectures begin at 9am and other days they begin at 2pm. But a typical day for me goes a little something like this:

8:00am – Is generally the time I set my alarm for if I am in for 9am, living on campus means I only have a 10 minute walk to get to the faculty of education so this leaves me plenty of time to get up and get ready for the day

9:00am – Most commonly when I am in at 9am it is for an APD lecture. APD is a core aspect of Primary Education and it stands for Academic and Professional Development. This area of the course focuses on areas such as learning theory and behaviour management. Lectures often have a bad reputation for being boring but ours are energetic and interactive especially this one

12:00pm – When in university for most of the day I often get lunch from McColls and sit with friends in the Hub. For me this is easier than remembering to make lunch and is also a fairly cheap option. As well as McColls there’s also hot food available from Sages and occasionally there are vendors in the Hub selling everything from cakes and crepes and smoothies and sweets.

2:00pm – Once I have finished for the day I usually call into the library on my way home, I find this is easier than making another trip later in the day and as most people are still in lectures or seminars it’s often a quieter time. During busier periods the library is open 24 hours which is convenient when you’re working late at night and suddenly realise there’s a book you urgently need.

3:00pm – When I get back to my flat I pretty much always have a nap. Halls are much quieter in the afternoons and I find this is the perfect slot for a little me time.

5:00pm – Following on from this I like to try and get some work done everyday even if it is only a small amount. I find that on my course organisation is key and filing notes and completing reading may seem small but really helps me to stay on top of the bigger tasks and prevents work from piling up.

7:00pm – As a flat we always have dinner together. This has taken many weeks of trial and error as it is not easy to co-ordinate 8 meals in 2 ovens at any one time, but we have almost perfected the art. Sitting together in an evening is a really important part of the day for me as it allows everyone to catch up and talk about their day.

9:00pm – Evenings at university aren’t that different to what most people experience at home. Following on from dinner we usually spend an hour doing work and then all get showered and watch a film or television together. As the night draws on we almost always spend an hour saying that we must go to bed soon followed by another hour of chatter. I think when living with other people that you enjoy being around it is hard to just go to bed as you don’t want to miss out on what is going on around you resulting in many, many late nights.

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