The End Is Nigh

2016 has been one hell of a year, it seems as though the world has become a very different place in just a year, we have lost some of the greats. Brexit Happened. Trump Happened. Honestly it’s been one for the history books, and as always it has gone by faster and faster, which might be a good thing in hindsight.

It is pretty obvious but the end of 2016 means the beginning of 2017, and 2017 is going to be an even bigger year for you.

You will finish College, this means exams, assignments, deadlines. Fun Fun Fun

But it is important to buckle down, the first half of 2017 for you is all about getting stuff done, study hard, put the effort in. It is very easy to see the end and ease up thinking it is already over, but these exams and essays are what count, and they are going to give you the opportunities you can take advantage of in the second half of the year.

You will also start University, which means new people, new experiences, actual Fun Fun Fun.

The second half of the year is all about new experiences, starting UNI is going to be one of the biggest changes you have had since 5 year old you started primary school. You will meet the most diverse group of people you have ever met in your life.

You will have to get stuff done too, as well as meeting new people, you will learn so much in your first term, you will have deadlines, but the excitement of it all being new is about enough to drag you through all of that.

2017 is going to be a big one, hopefully we have less of the bad from 2016, but either way you will barely have time to notice.

Until Next Time 🙂

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