Staying at Uni during holidays

Often you may struggle to get home for holidays and may have to stay at University. This can be quite tough especially if a lot of your friends are leaving and going back home for the holidays as you can find yourself by yourself. However, don’t be embarrassed to tell people if you are staying because there are events and activities you can do that will prevent you from feeling lonely.

Also it is a great opportunity to get stuff done. You can make the most of a quiet campus, a peaceful rest from the Uni life that we all know and love and also the library stays open for a lost of the break.

If you are worried about coming to University and making the decision of where to go consider how easy it will be for you to return home. If you are travelling abroad to come to Edge Hill make sure you factor in the cost of travel. This is also the case for if you are travelling a long way to get home as you will have to consider trains etc.

Make sure that you think about the holidays as well as term time as if you are like me, I really enjoy coming home and seeing everyone so that is a really important factor for me and I like to make sure I can do this regularly.

Staying at uni or going home doesn’t have to be something you do, you can make your own choice but just make sure you don’t regret the choice you make.

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