This Christmas…

Christmas is just around the fairy light lit corner so you know what that means: it’s finally time to go home again. For many people this wouldn’t be a very big deal, however, I live over 4 hours away,  so it’ll be a miracle if my family recognise me!
But joking aside before you head off home there are a few things you might wanna consider doing before you head on back home.

Throw away food you’re not gonna eat. This is something everyone forgets, which is understandable.  You’re rushing around, cramming everything into a small suitcase, and thinking of whether you’ve left your charger or not. Remembering to throw away that chicken you had a couple days ago isn’t your number one priority. However, if you do it the night before, it’s one less thing to think about and doesn’t leave an unwanted present in your fridge for you to come back to.

Legit this.

Speaking of leaving packing to the last minute: don’t do it. Not worth the stress just so you can watch another episode of a series on Netflix (been there done that, unfortunately ). The way forward I found is lists, yes, it’s as simple and straightforward as that. As boring as it may seem, this will save your sanity, an idea of the size of suitcase you’ll need and gives you time to gather everything together in time. This is especially important if you’re from a big family (like me), as you’ll know about it later if you forget someone’s gift!

Now onto something you might think is a bit weird: clean your room before you go. This may seem a bit weird,  as there’s a student mindset, of rushing around, grabbing everything and leaving your flat as soon as you can, leaving your room messy for you to clean when you get back. But that means when you come back over Christmas, you’re not going to be greeted to a nice warm room, instead, you’re gonna come home to more work to do. Be kind to your future self, do it now, as it’s exciting to go home, but you’ve got to remember that you’ve got to come back at some point. Additionally, if you’re running out of shampoo and conditioner, buy it now, as then you don’t have to go straight to the shops when you get back. Make life easier for future you.

The library itself.     

Self Explanatory but make sure you take your books back to the library. As the library tries to renew them, but they can’t if someone requests them. So save yourself the hassle by dropping them off beforehand. Additionally, if you’re doing an essay over the Christmas season, get the books out beforehand, find the quotes you want, then give them back in time, simple.  


Finally and most importantly, Travel. Unless you’re driving home for Christmas, or being picked up by your parents, you’ll be left with two options bus or train. I for one take trains frequently, so have plenty of advice on the matter and how to get cheaper tickets, as well as other handy tips and tricks.

  1. Always try to get your tickets in advance, months in advance if you can, as the further away the date is, the cheaper the ticket usually is, which can save you up to £40, and even more in some cases! It may be too late now for this Christmas trip, however, there’s always next time.
  2. There are different ways of having your tickets if you pay in advance, which for some may seem obvious, but honestly, I never knew of these until I started travelling. The first opinion is having your tickets posted to you. The second is paying online and collecting them at your local train station. And finally with certain ticket providers such as The Trainline you can have your ticket digitally using their app.   
  3. Plan, plan, plan. This is very important if you live four train journeys away, such as myself.  I would highly recommend writing a schedule of all your train times, what stations you’ll be coming and going to, platform numbers (and where they are in the station), and finally how long you’ll be waiting for your next train (sometimes every second counts!) This means you can plan your time at the stations as well e.g bathroom breaks, popping to the shop, etc . Which makes the trip a whole less stressful than it needs to be.
  4. Lastly, think of what you can realistically carry with you, you might have to leave the kitchen sink behind if you have too much luggage already.

I hope you found this blog post at least a little bit helpful and that you all have an amazing festive season. As for me I recently went to see Moana, which I highly recommend!

Film/Show of the day: Moana (2016)

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