Time Flies

If you are going to ask people about what UNI is like, you will likely hear one thing over and over again. “It will go by faster than you think” and this could not be more true.

I have finished the penultimate term of my degree, meaning there are mere months left before I graduate. You are at the other end of the spectrum, you haven’t even begun yet. However that doesn’t mean it’s too early to think about what life after UNI might entail.

For me it’s a Masters Degree, I’m not quite done with Edge Hill and I definitely have more to learn. For many of you it will be moving in to the world of work. Nobody expects you to have a certain plan for what you will do, but having some idea might help with how you get started.

There might be optional modules in your degree, the chances are there will be at least one at some point, this means the knowledge gained from a degree can vary widely between various students. Picking modules that interest you is always a safe shout, but picking modules that may directly benefit your chosen career path can’t hurt either.

You might also be sure you want to go on and study a Post Graduate degree so it can’t hurt to look at the modules those might entail, and pick accordingly so you are well prepared.

In short there are two ways to go through UNI, one is to live each day as it comes, and do what feels right in the moment and see how it pans out. The other is to plan backwards, think of the end goal and work backwards so you know how to get there. Neither is better than the other, and by now you should know what kind of person you are.

Either way, UNI is a great time, and no matter how you plan the unexpected might be the best parts of it.

Until Next Time 🙂

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