Visiting people whilst at Uni

More often than not you will have family events or friends parties that you will feel obliged to go to and probably would like to attend. When living in a new city for University this can be quite hard as you have to be able to travel to where they live (this may be home or elsewhere).

Throughout the three years I have had many events that I have gone home for and travelled up and down the country. This has been really lovely and I have enjoyed the events. However, one thing I have learnt is that people understand if you can’t make it. Sometimes if you have too much to do in regards to uni work then you have to say no. It’s important to be honest with everyone. People will understand if you can’t make it and often you will be able to arrange something that suits both of you.

Another thing that you may find hard is letting people down. I hate it so much when I have to tell someone that I can’t make it and will always try and make everything I can but sometimes it isn’t possible. Something I have found useful is to try and arrange a few visits all at once when you go home and see as many people as possible. This will mean you are saving money on transport and also saving time on travelling as even from Edge Hill to home it takes around 2 hours!

Just remember that people understand you are at University and don’t expect everything from you.

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