Christmas is Here!

So over Christmas you will be moving back home… wherever that is! The pros of moving back home for most of you hopefully is the peace of mind of not having to do your own cooking, washing and studying (amongst other things!). Sometimes it’s just nice to be surrounded by your home comforts after so long away!

Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy yourself, but similarly to school and college you will also have work to do! So if you can it might be an idea to try and get it done (or at least some of it) before you go home! That way you can enjoy your time at home with your family and friends with little/no distractions!

So┬ápacking wise- make sure your only taking back the necessities as it is awkward to take so much back, especially if you’re using public transport! You’re best booking your train tickets a few weeks in advance so you can get the best deals (don’t forget your rail card if you have one!). Don’t forget you might need your laptop/work folders So make room for them!

This year the last official day for uni is on this Friday the 16th December meaning you have a good two weeks minimum depending on when your course starts again!

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