So if you are applying to study a course within the Performing Arts department at Edge Hill you will most likely have to have an audition. This isn’t a process designed to scare you or make you panic, as you will be told frequently it is an opportunity for you to not only be able to prove your skills to the University, but also for you to be able to see what the University has to offer you. It is just as important to make sure that you choose the right University for you and that it will be able to offer you everything you need in order to succeed.

From working the audition days at Edge Hill since my first year I am pretty familiar with the process and so thought I would offer you some tips and advice on how you can prepare and not be worried about it before you arrive.

You will first of all be taken into the Rose Theatre for a department talk where you are told a bit more about what Edge Hill has to offer. After this you will be lead by one of our current students to where you need to be either for your practical workshop audition or your writing task.

Regardless of what course you choose you will be asked to participate in a group workshop where the tutors will be seeing how well you work with others and how you can cope with certain tasks they set you. You will also be asked to complete a short writing task which is nothing to worry about and not something you need to revise for because it is a question you are given on the day. It is designed to see how well you respond to the question and how well you can write, but don’t get caught up with this as like I said there is nothing you can do to prepare for it.

Come prepared and ready to get involved and don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have about the course or anything. If you don’t want to ask your tutors then people like me are around all day for you to ask them.

One of my biggest hints for the day is not to be worried about being noticed. You don’t have to stand at the front and be in the tutors eye line for the whole audition as trust me they will make sure they have seen everyone before it is time to leave. You don’t have to fight to be at the front as I spent most of my audition in the back row and still managed to be noticed enough and get an offer.

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