Speak Up

University is a big place, and when you arrive you will notice just how much there is going on at all times. It can get a little bit overwhelming and you can feel like a small fish in a big pond at times. This is especially true of a Uni where life is completely situated on one campus for those that live there in first year.

Edge Hill is a great university, but it is growing and as things grow and change there are bound to be teething issues. The worst thing you can do is sit back and let them go unnoticed, even if it is only something minor, you do pay to be there and you deserve things to work so you can get the best degree you can.

You have to Speak Up, and the Edge Hill SU has made this a little easier with an aptly named system called “Your Ideas”. It is relatively simple, you can post on the “Your Ideas” section on the SU website, this can be anything from issues with WiFi to an idea you have about Locker Space across campus. The post lives for 30 days, and if in that time it gets 30 up votes it will be discussed in the relative meeting by the SU Officers.

It is a great system, and a simple way to see if other people share your issue without having to lobby across campus for support.

Here is a link to the section if you would like a bit more information, or want to check out what kind of things might be added to the Uni before you arrive.

This might seem a little premature seeing as you might not have even applied yet, but it is things like this that can really affect both your choice of Uni and the life you will have there when arrive next September.

It is also really important to speak up about your course and lectures but that is another post for another time.

Until next Time 🙂

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