Selling Yourself

If you are anything like me then you might find talking about yourself incredibly hard, especially when it comes to thinking about past achievements or qualities that will help you with a prospective job, or in your case with a UNI application.

This is what a Personal Statement is all about, and they are not always the easiest things to write. You instantly forget everything you have accomplished in your life, and wonder how you even made it to college with what seems like a complete lack of skills.

However they are a really important part of your application, and outside of the grades you might need they are the one chance you get to sell yourself and show what a great addition you would be to a prospective UNI, in some instances they can be what sets you apart from everyone who will be studying similar courses and getting similar grades.

Now I am not an authority on writing a Personal Statement, and therefore I am not the person to be giving you the advice, mostly because I hate them and try to forget about them entirely when I am done. However I thought I would share some resources that helped me when I was writing mine.

The UCAS website is a solid place to start seeing as this is where you will be actually writing your statement, on here is a handy video and some tips that are a good starting point and a solid place of reference to check back on.

TELEGRAPH “How to write a great Ucas personal statement for university”
This article is a little bit more in depth, and offers some good things to think about if you get stuck, and a few good ways to get started if you just cannot think of what to write.

I think this is a really helpful resource, it has some handy tips but also some videos with examples and do’s and don’ts which should help if you get stuck along the way.

Lastly, and I can’t link this one, People, ask people you know who have done it before, ask them what skills they think you have and what things they remember you accomplishing them, in general people are a lot nicer about you then you are about yourself so they are an invaluable resource.

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