UNI lasts three years, and while it’s hard for you to think about what it will be like at the end of a degree, you can’t just focus on the first year. You need to think of your whole time at UNI as a single entity.

You might have lectures this year, that aren’t particularly challenging or that you don’t find very interesting, but you need to work as hard in these as you do in the others, because come second and third year, you will hear the words, “You should remember this from first year” and if you don’t then that’s a whole lot of work to add to the increasing load you’ll have when your grades count to your final degree classification.

This also works the other way, don’t burn out in the first term of your degree, because Christmas comes and goes and you are straight into deadlines and exams, you need to be prepared for that. You need to find the happy medium, put in the effort, turn up to your lectures and complete all the work that is expected of you, but don’t spend every night rewriting your essays because they might not be perfect, or stay up all night every night in the library, give yourself some time off, focus where it matters.

It is also really important to take some time for some self care, if you enjoy reading, make sure you don’t only read text books. Take a day for you every now and then, stay in your room and watch your favourite films, or go to Liverpool and spend the day shopping with friends, it is only one day and it won’t put a dent in the end result, and will make getting there a whole lot easier.

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