Class of 2019

You do everything three times at UNI, you have three first weeks, you have three last weeks, and each year is just different enough that each semester feels like an entirely new experience.

The only thing you do once at UNI is graduate, and you will be donning those caps and gowns before you know it, because your degree will feel like both the longest and shortest experience of your life.

Freshers Week is all about getting to know people, having fun and letting yourself go a little, you can take part in as much or as little as you want. But from next week, you don’t really get that choice, you have to take part is as much as you possibly can, go to all your lectures, participate in all your seminars and meet all your deadlines.

Get to know your lecturers, and become friends with them, make them like you by having good attendance and participating loads, because having them on your side when you need the most help is always a win, especially when it gets to third year and you are going to need a Dissertation Supervisor who is practically going to be a driving force towards your degree classification.

UNI is fun, you don’t need to work at having fun, it will happen you are living away from home, meeting new people it will be fun. But UNI isn’t about fun, it’s main purpose is getting you a degree, so you need to focus on that, and let the fun take care of itself. And it will, even if you feel like you’re not doing enough, or you haven’t met any good friends yet, you will find them.

All you have to worry about, is 2019, when you will walk across the stage and get your degree, that should always be your goal.

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