Finances are always stressful and unless you have an endless amount of money you will always have to budget your money. It is particularly hard at Uni because you are having to think about the cost of things that you have probably never had to consider before. When I lived at home I wasn’t having to concern myself with the weekly food shop or cleaning products. I think the most frustrating thing about budgeting whilst you are at Uni is that you have to save money for things that you don’t actually want to buy but you need to.

When I first started Uni I struggled to manage money and got caught up in the excitement. I think that I have got better at managing money but one thing I have had to get used to is making choices about what I do. I can’t afford to do everything so I have to make the choice of whether to go out tonight or at the weekend. I think that regardless of how stressful it can be, managing money is such an important skill to learn.

Don’t panic if you are feeling like money is running away with you because Uni is geared up to be cheap and look for deals. You can have a good time without money and I’ve had the best times staying in with my friends. However much it may feel stressful you don’t need the money to have a good time.

Make sure you manage your money well at Uni but also have a good time and make the most of the experiences that you have.

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