Doctors and Dentists

So mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandads… there are lots of family members that will be super excited and proud of you for starting uni.

So that means that there are also many family members that will care for your well-being! The notorious freshers’ flu will undoubtedly do the rounds when you start uni, so you need to make sure you’re prepared in case you do need to see a doctor or even dentist!

Freshers’ flu basically means you need to stock up on paracetamol, lemsip and tissues amongst whatever else you normally take when you have a cold or flu etc. But hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky ones that is immune to this cold and you can freely enjoy the first term of uni unscathed! However, unfortunately, you still may catch something during the years you’re at Edge Hill, for most people this is inevitable.

So in Ormskirk there are many GPs (just google it) with their own enrolment that you will need to follow (bear in mind you can only be signed up to one GP at any time). I personally never moved doctors as I am close enough to home to go back if I need to, although I have used Ormskirk Hospital’s Walk-in Centre which is brilliant! So if you struggle to get an appointment I would highly recommend you pay the Walk-in a visit.

However with dentists you can be signed up to as many as you want, so feel free again to google this and sign up to one that’s convenient for you.

There are normally doctors and dentist practices at Freshers’ Fair so feel free to pop down and ask them any questions or sign up!!

So remember… take care of yourself!

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