Results Day!

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing extremely well today. For those of you who want to go to uni this year then a very important day is on it’s way.

Many of you will be looking forward to (or slightly dreading) results day and now the waiting is almost over!

Good luck to all of you who are getting your results next week, I wish you every success.

Results day can come with a lot of pressure, everyone wants to get the grades they need to get into their firm or insurance university. And, after that, the reality that you will be headed away to uni will soon sink in.

The main piece of advice I can give here is don’t worry! With a little bit of preparation and organisation the steps from results day to your first day of uni will be a complete breeze, I guarantee it.

The main question you will be asking when you get your results is what happens now?

The universities you have chosen will have your results, and they will update your offer status on UCAS throughout the morning of results day.

Receiving an unconditional offer from your Firm Choice University – Well done! This means you have met the terms of your conditional offer and your first choice university is ready to welcome you in September.

Receiving an unconditional offer from your Insurance Choice University – The great thing about an insurance offer is that you have a backup university if you don’t quite get the results you needed for your Firm University. If you miss out on your first choice but receive an offer from your Insurance then you will be off to university before you know it!

Clearing –  Sometimes a university will not accept you if the results you received were not equal to the offer that was made. Thankfully this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your university dream! Clearing is a great service that allows students without an offer to look for course places at different universities, and you can still go on to start your degree in September. For more information about clearing click here.

Results day is when you find out if all your hard work paid off, so although it may have been a stressful year you can say you made it through, and the end results will be worth it!

Quote for the day: “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

Hope you all have a good week and good luck with your results!

-Becki 🙂

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