I think it is fair to say that social media has taken the world by a storm and, if it’s not on Facebook, is it really worth watching?

Edge Hill has made sure that it is not going to miss out and can be found on all the social media sites. I know it sounds really cringy but it is actually really useful. A lot of updates are available through the Facebook and social media pages and especially updates from the SU are sent out via Facebook and you don’t want to miss out!

It is about this time of year that you start to wonder who you are going to be living with and that is why your Student Assistants (the people who will look after you when you are in halls) will set up Facebook pages so you can find out who will be in your cluster (your group of people). I didn’t know that these existed and so when I moved in everyone had already stalked each other on Facebook and seen how many pets they had!

I recommend following Edge Hill on the following pages even before you start as it is the best way to keep up-to-date with any changes and what is going on. Also, it makes sure that you know what is happening even when you have started as, let’s face it, your notifications are going to be going mad when you have started.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/edgehillsu and www.facebook.com/edgehilluniversity

Instagram: @edgehilluniversity and @edgehillsu

Twitter: @edgehill and @edgehillSU

There are obviously more that might be more specific to you like the Arts Centre or the Sports pages but if you just put them into the search bars they will more than likely come up.

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