The SU

The S what? So, if you are like me and have seen those American films such as ‘Pitch Perfect’ where there are hundreds of societies to join, you will be excited to join them! Even though we don’t have the weather to have an outside festival most of the time the societies are still there.

Societies are run by something called the SU which is short for the Students’ Union. These are the people who make sure the students, so that’s you, get the most out of their time at Uni. Alongside the full-time staff there are a team of either current students or ex-students who have decided to take a year out and work for the SU. These roles include the President, VP of Welfare, VP of Academics and the VP of Activities. These are the people to go to if you are not happy about something and you don’t want to go to the tutors or they have referred you to the SU. These are the people who will fight your corner!

The office is situated in The Hub and you can pop in at any time and speak to someone or you can email them. With running a society I have been heavily involved with the SU this year, and they have always been really helpful! Don’t think they will be annoyed or fed up if you keep emailing them as I do it all the time and they are always happy to help in any way they can.

Even if they can’t help you they will point you in the right direction of where you need to go. Whether it be your grades, course, housing, illness or social life related there, is always someone who will know the answer and be able to help you so just ASK!

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