Summer Plans

Over these summer months where the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, Pokemon Go has been released (which I’m already super addicted to!) and everyone is having some time away from college/uni before the new academic year, you might be struggling to prepare for the new year. So what things can you do to prepare?

First it may be a good idea for you to look on the website and see what modules you’ll be studying next year. This applies for all years, as there’s a nice description of the areas that will be covered throughout the module. For example, in first year programming you get the chance to learn drag-and-drop coding, before moving on to hand coding and producing software applications/games and finally moving on to robots using Lego NXT.

If you are up to date with your modules, then have a look at extra curricular things that you could do. Maybe try looking up something that would make you stand out a bit in your class – you could teach other students new things too which can benefit both you and others!

Another thing to look into could be societies! If you haven’t got involved in anything, maybe try finding something that you can get involved in and that could be a great way to meet new people! There’s societies such as climbing and mountaineering, LGBT, Harry Potter – I’m pretty sure soon there will also be a Pokemon Go society! It would be great fun!

Thinking outside of studying, make sure you’re prepared for the move to uni! You might need to go on a shopping spree, maybe look at things like kitchen equipment and bedroom items like bedding and pillows. Make sure you’re prepared – if you’re not then it’s fine because there’s also plenty of shops around that you can buy things, but maybe you can get it cheaper before moving in!

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