Exploring Campus

This week I took my partner to explore the campus as they have never been, and it was really nice to see some of the features in the sun!

We started by Ruff Lane entrance and walked through the gate, looking at the new building for Computing (which I’m so excited to be moving in to for September!) before walking towards the centre of campus.

At the centre of the campus, we went into the hub which has McColl’s and some small coffee shops with lots of seating. There’s also plenty of room to grab a computer to do some studying as well as areas to just relax and chill out.

Next we walked to the east wing of campus where Chancellors accommodation and Creative Edge are placed. There’s lots of nice places to relax around this area, especially with the small beach in summer and the grass patches!

Then heading round the front of campus past the main entrance where the garden looks so nice when in summer, towards the Arts centre and founders court. This accommodation was the halls that I stayed in during first year, so it was nice to go and see my old home!

Finally, we headed to the lake by the health and social/education buildings. The area around these buildings is so nice and the ducks are incredibly lucky with their home!

Campus is incredibly nice no matter the weather, as there’s lots of places to go when it’s raining as well as in the summer sun!

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