Find Your People

UNI is probably one of the only times in your adult life where you meet such a vast group of new people, you’ll meet people in Halls, and different people on your course, not all people will even do the same modules so you could have 6 different groups of people across the year.

The one thing I advise you to do is find your people, find the people you work with well and get on with and find them fast, because group work is always going to be a part of your degree. Finding your people isn’t always easy, because some people you get on with amazingly well immediately, but you don’t work well with at all and these are not your people. By all means have lunch with them, and sit with them in lectures if you want but group work can be the end to all friendships, trust me.

It’s a hard thing to remember, but your degree is your degree, nobody else’s.

This doesn’t necessarily just mean your classmates either, it extends to tutors and lecturer’s. You don’t get to choose who teaches a module, but you will find one you understand more and get on with more, stick to them, email them when you need help, build a good rapport and you will be thanking me when it comes to finding a Dissertation Supervisor because you have a ready made person to help you from day 1.

That being said, find people you have a good time with too, UNI is there to enjoy and while your degree is important and it’s important to do well, you get a lot more out of UNI than just your degree. So find your people in class and find them out of class as well.

This weeks song is a bit of a Throwback, but I was reminded of it at a concert on Saturday, it’s Wonderwall by Oasis.

Until Next Time 🙂

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