Hi guys and gals,

I hope you’re all very well.

So, have you started counting down to the day you move in? Or for some it’s more about moving out! Well here are a few tips that might help when it comes to moving in/out:

  1. Finding people
    When it comes to moving in it might be worth making an attempt to find your roommates on social media. This allows you to arrange who’s bringing what, no one needs six toasters in a kitchen! Facebook pages are usually set up, so why not join? If it’s anything like my year, people from other blocks will invite you to get togethers and parties, so enjoy!
  2. Bring a doorstop
    This is a great way to meet everyone in your flat and allows you the ability to roam around getting to know people in the block. It also makes moving in a lot easier and probably a lot safer.
  3. Keys
    Keys are a bloody nightmare! I must have lost mine a good five times within the first few hours and had them replaced on a time, or two! It’s so easy to put them down or forget about them when you leave your flat to meet people, so attach them to loads of key rings to make them stand out. DON’T worry if you get locked out! The staff on campus will sort it out for and believe me you won’t be the first, nor the last they will have to help that day.
  4. Goodbye parents
    This is going to sound a little harsh but you need to get rid of your parents asap once you’re set up and good to go. The last thing you need is big emotional goodbyes and your new flatmates having to try to calm you down when they can’t even remember your name. A quick hug and kiss is the best advice I can give you. You’ll see them again in like three months, you can do this!

Guys I’m super jealous of you all going into your first year. Like SO jealous. I’d give anything to go back and do it all again, so don’t waste your time and savour every moment. You’ll love it, I know I did.??


Until next time…

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