Preparing For Your Uni House

Soon enough you’ll be moving into your new house/accommodation with friends and you’ll want to think of a few things to make your new house a home. So what kinds of things do you think you might need?


For your kitchen, you’ll definitely need a few basics like baking trays, saucepan, frying pan, plate and cutlery. If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe try bringing along a few extra things like measuring jugs and scales for cake baking, or a wok and pans for stir fry. You’ll probably need some glasses too (especially for pre-drinks!) and the nice hot chocolate in winter for film nights.


In the bathroom you probably won’t need to worry about as much, especially if you’ve got a shared one. You’ll end up needing some towels, toothbrush, soap and washing stuff. But if you have an en-suite, remember your toilet roll! Nothing worse than going and being stuck!


You’ll need some pillows, sheets and duvet for the bedding. You might also want some other cushions, decorative items like rugs or picture frames. Maybe bring a games console or speakers to help pass time when you’re not in lessons. Make your room, your room!


In terms of studies, you might need to think ahead. If you’re studying a literature course, you might need paper/pens to make notes. If you’re on a practical course like sport, make sure you have the correct kit and equipment. For Computing, it’s highly recommended you have a hard drive (or at least a memory stick) as not backing up can’t be used as an excuse if it fails! You might need a printer but that’s not a problem since the uni has a lot of places to print on campus. Also you might need a laptop/computer to help with your work if you need it.

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