Attending Open Days… What Should I Ask?

Today there was an open day at Edge Hill for those who intend to either apply or attend the university. I’ve worked on open days in the Computing department for the majority of the time I’ve been at university, so I know what kinds of questions parents and students often ask. But if you’ve never been, what information should you try and find out?

The first and biggest point: Is the course right for you? Many students apply for courses based on what they enjoy at high school/college and want to further their knowledge, but don’t realise how much work it might be. I remember going from GCSE Maths to A-Level and the jump was insane! I struggled a lot and previously had the intention of studying Maths at university, but I’m glad I had this realisation so that I chose the right course! As well as the course material, make sure you look into modules/tutors – the overall course might be what you want, but are the specifics what you will enjoy? Do you get choice or is it a set programme?

Another big factor is the accommodation and campus – do they have useful facilities? Does the accommodation contain what you need? Most importantly, do you like it? If you don’t, you probably won’t have as much of a positive attitude and be willing to attend, but if you’re like me and fall in love with the place then you’re going to want to spend every minute of every day there!

Something else to consider is the night life. Does the uni have good opportunities for social events? Edge Hill is near Liverpool, and I’ve had many amazing nights out in Liverpool that I’d love to go and do all over again! There’s also many clubs and societies, so you definitely will not get bored!

After this, if you have any other questions then speak to students/tutors and get a bit of an insight into the depth of university teaching. Open days are an incredibly useful way of finding out information from people that are studying/have studied there and it’s so inspiring to meet people doing what you aspire to do. Believe me, you won’t be missing out!

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