Friends at Uni

At uni there are so many new doors open to you in the sense of meeting new people, new experiences and opportunities that become available to you!

Halls are a perfect opportunity to meet new people… even people that live in flats alongside, above or below you! On Welcome Sunday you will have a meeting regarding fire safety in halls. Our flat invited the rest of our building to our kitchen that night so we could all go to the first night of freshers together and get to know everyone! These people live with you so it’s vital you make an effort and the more friends you make the merrier, nobody has ever complained at having too many friends!

Your course is also a great place to talk to people who have similar interests as you do and will share the same experiences as you for the next three years! You will be able to talk to them about things on your course that your other uni friends may not be able to relate to i.e. coursework questions and essays. Course friends are also such an amazing help when it comes to study motivation and support. Also, if your course consists of group-work you want to make sure that you’re with people you get on with.

So get smiling, put your friendly head on and make an effort. They do say the friends you make at uni are your friends for life… so good luck!

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