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What is a student union?

The student union is basically the government for students. Not only is it ran by students, it is solely created for student satisfaction. When you’re at university there are some things you cannot control,moor examples fees and how much your education is going to cost. However you do get to control and change what you love and dislike about your student union and help make differences for the years to come.

EHU’s student union is made up of 4 students from each area of the university: the President and three Vice Presidents. They listen to the feedback from people just like you and voice your opinion to governors and staff of the university. Changes can be big or small, so if you’re looking for unisex toilets for gender equality or cheaper alcohol in the university these are the people you need to b talking to. Thankfully at EHU I’ve experienced some of the best Presidents and VPs, who would listen to each and every individual voice whether they agreed or not.

University is a big part of your life, so speak up and help improve the university. The chances are that if you’re thinking it someone else is tooooooo!

Sidenote- I hope exams are going well. You’re so close to being done, hang on in there!!!


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