Summer is here! ish. Its gone from heat hotter than Spain to ridiculous amounts of rain. Seriously have you tried walking from your house to the taxi without getting your hair wet? It is very difficult. Anyway if you are one of the lucky few are able to fly away somewhere nice this summer then congratulations! I am happy for you, nevertheless if you are one of the, should I say, unfortunate folk who are going to be stuck in the UK Well I have a few suggestions as to what you can do this summer to pass the time, have a well deserved break from those exams and to genuinely have fun.

Have you tried wowcher? Despite the annoying adverts that fill every two minutes of advert breaks, the deals which they have for travel are actually super cheap and very intriguing.


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There may be some of you who are wanting to have more than just a quick break away this summer so have you considered perhaps America. If you like the idea of spending your summer working and having fun teaching sport, crafts or maintaining tech for instance, camp America might be a wise choice for yourself.

I have attached a link to give you an insight into what is involved in the camp America experience.


If you aren’t so interested in America for any reason, why not try camp Thailand? I myself am really considering this one because what would be better than waking up to feed elephants and see the exquisite views and participate in a number of life experiences in which Thailand has to offer. Definitely one to check off the wish list.

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