Come for a Sneak Preview!

So what’s more exciting than coming to university?

It’s what you’ve been building up towards since you’ve started college (maybe even earlier!) So whether you’re in year 13 and you’ve been through the UCAS process and ready to start, or you’re in year 12… it’s fast approaching! Choosing which University to go to is a big deal as you’re committing at least three years, but do not worry!

So just like you probably went to an open day before you went to high school or college, universities have open days too! The University opens its doors to you and your family members to come down and take a look at our campus and facilities, as well as having the opportunity to speak to the current students and staff with any questions or concerns.

On these days you can visit the department of your desired course (Faculty of: Health and Social, Education or Arts and Sciences) to gather more information on what you will be doing over the next three years and where you will be doing it! We also have many accommodation blocks open so you can have a look around and see which one takes your fancy. You will receive a prospectus and lots of information leaflets to ensure you can make an informed decision on what course to choose.

These days are so valuable and really can help you make a decision on which University feels right for you depending on the environment that suits you best! Edge Hill have a number of open days coming up, the first one being next Saturday (18th June). To find out more information and to book your place to come and visit please click here.

We really do look forward to seeing and hearing from you!

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