Module Choices

So one of the big decisions that you have to make when you get to University is what modules you will pick. I know don’t you think it’s hard enough having to pick which degree course you want to do! So a degree is basically divided into credits and each module has a specific number of credits to ensure that at the end you have done enough to get a degree. With my degree all my modules have been 20 credit modules and so in order to get an equal split between Drama and English I have to choose 3 modules from each subject. Often you have to do a compulsory module but depending on which other modules you take it can determine which compulsory module you choose (this is for joint students). In English we are given a choice of two compulsory modules for each term and we have to pick one of them and then we get the choice of a different module. I find this really hard because I hate making decisions at the best of time but I certainly don’t want to pick a module and then hate it for the whole time I am doing it. It took a while for me to get my head around this process but as soon as I did I now know what to look for so I thought I would share these tips with you.

The first thing is to establish what sort of topics will be covered but you need to at least have some interest in it. After you have narrowed it down to a few options I always look for whether it will fit into my timetable. You will given the times that these modules are ‘likely’ to run on and so you can kind of build yourself a timetable to make sure that you can do the modules you have chosen. This is an easy step to narrowing down your choices as often there are lot of modules that clash with your other subject. Following this I then look at the type of assessment. It is important to me that I focus mainly on coursework style where I have time to edit and look over the work a few times before submitting it. Basically I hate exams and so I avoid any modules that have any exams. I then make my final decision on my choices. After you have done this, you then have to put them onto the electronic system ready for the tutors to check if it is possible. In the rare occasion that a module isn’t running you will be asked to choose again. However, if you have followed this process you will already have a small selection so you won’t have to go through the list again. It is a good idea to sometimes put them into order of choice so that if you are asked to pick a different option you know which one to choose without having to go through them and decide!

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