UNI is overall a brilliant experience, you will make some of your best memories there and meet some of the best people, it is unlike any other time in your life. However there will come a time, and it is different for everyone, where you will start to be a little homesick.

I moved quite far for UNI, and it meant that it wasn’t possible for me to pop home for the odd weekend, this meant that in my first term I didn’t get to see my family until I went home for Christmas. I went in all confident, thinking I wouldn’t get homesick, but towards the end of October you realise how odd it is to not see your family for that long, and as the holiday season starts I definitely started to wish I was at home getting the Christmas tree and decorating the house.

However thanks to modern technology all is not lost and there is loads you can do to get you through feeling homesick and making sure it doesn’t ruin your first term at UNI.

Firstly, I would reccomend not speaking to your family for the first week, go cold turkey, enjoy freshers and spend all your time with your new flatmates getting to know them and having a laugh, and to be honest the first week goes so fast you won’t even notice you aren’t at home. Then ring your parents, say hi, let them know you are still alive.

Then just play it by ear. If you feel like you have something to say then give them a call, and if you are feeling really homesick Skype them, it’s not quite the same as going home but it will do.

Most of all you need to realise that everyone is going through the same thing and you are not alone. Speak to your flatmates because they are all feeling just as homesick as you, and try and keep busy, because wallowing in your room is not going to help anyone.

This week’s song is a new discovery for me, it’s by Years and Years called “Shine” and it has been my Jam for the past few days.

Until Next Time 🙂

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