Hi guys,

Just a quick one.

What is the hub? EHU’s hub is home to basic student needs when you arrive at university. Not only does it have convenient things such as bank machines and an onsite shop, it is a social area for students to relax, soak up the atmosphere and grab a bite to eat. The hub has a range of seating areas to hang out its friends after a stressful seminar, lecture and even a night out. It has group area ‘pods’ to watch tv, so why not bring your popcorn and have a moving night.

Over the years the hub has been the main stage for promoting events or fundraising. EHU’s fresher fair takes place here, with other events such as career day and graduate’s job also stopping by. Charities, clothing companies and food companies will set up stalls during each day of the week, however it is a lot quieter on weekends. The hub also provides catering for each meal of the day. So if you have an EHU catering card, please do not hesitate to try our delicious food!

I hope your exam period is going well and you’re remembering to take study breaks. Good luck guys and gals, I’m sure you’ll do great.

Until next time…

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