If you’re moving to uni at some point you probably will miss home, maybe not enough to be homesick but enough to curl up in your own bed surrounded by your home comforts! At uni in halls you can’t decorate your own room (but who could afford this anyway!) but you can certainly dress it up with your own things to make it your own.

Such things as bringing your own pillows to uni, rather than buying new ones seems like a minor thing but when you’re not suffering with a stiff neck you will thank me!

Bringing pictures, blankets, etc. to remind you of home is definitely a must (maybe an Xbox or PS4 too) as you want to make your room your own… cosy and comfortable! One way of doing this is also sticking posters up in your room, uni normally have a poster sale in the SU or Hub during freshers’ week which is definitely something you can’t miss out on!

There are also loads of shops in Ormskirk or Liverpool that will supply you with endless ways of decorating your room, even if you just fancy a change and want to change your bedding – you won’t be restricted in choice! Although, on the topic of bedding, I would recommend that you bring two sets if you can, for the sake of ease while you wash and dry one set! Especially if the launderette is busy and you’re struggling to make time (although you can use this link┬áto check if there is room in the launderette room, or even if yours has finished!)

Good luck packing!

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