Touring Campus… Where Should I Visit First?

When you come up to uni in September, there’s going to be so much going on and you won’t quite know where to start. There’s your new flatmates moving into halls, new friends on your course, the events and societies being run throughout campus as well as the excitement of fresher’s week – so when you get a moment to yourself, what should you get up to?

If I was to recommend something, I’d take some time to explore the campus when you have a spare bit of time. Take your flatmates out and have a coffee in the hub, or a pint in the SU, or even a pizza in the Arts Centre – they have amazing pizzas!

Some of the important places to visit might include:

  • The Hub
  • Library
  • Your course building
  • Sports centre
  • SU/Bar and Quad
  • Accommodation

Even though you probably will end up like I was and just want to get to know people as soon as you can, don’t forget to take some time and just settle in – I needed my own space and time to do this so took a nice walk around the campus after fresher’s week to get to know places. It took me a long time to even work out where Ruff Lane entrance was, so it might be an idea to explore towards town too!

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