Leaving teen hood, for the first taste of adultness


I remember my best friend sending this exact quote to me when we both first started university, and `I distinctively remember identifying with it. When I went to university I really did think that this was the first taste of true adulthood, being in charge of your own life, making your own decisions about where you’re going and when and whats for dinner. Whilst this sounds rather idyllic, it did suddenly feel a bit daunting, and I did worry that there would be no one around anymore to catch me when I fall (sorry for the cliché). But I was pleasantly surprised by how much support I found in and around the university, for a multitude of different needs, which I found highly reassuring so I thought I would share a few of those today.

Personal Tutor
I have written a post about this before, but I can’t stress enough how helpful this aspect of university is. A personal tutor is a tutor that you meet with regularly throughout the year to ensure you are on track with assignments, happy at university and help you achieve your goals. The same tutor stays with you for the full 3 years so they really get to know you, which is extremely helpful and ensures you always have someone to turn to if you have any worries, work related or otherwise.

Student Services
I cannot rate this department enough, the teams within are absolutely fantastic and so incredibly dedicated to ensuring all students are happy and getting the very best experience they can from Edge Hill University. Furthermore this is where the ‘adultier’ adult comes in, as they are there to help you if you have any concerns including things like finance, job searching, house hunting, contract reading and health and wellbeing advice. These are the experts to turn to when you’re in need of a helping hand and just goes to show that although university is about gaining independence, there is so much support available along the way.

Students’ Union
And finally the students’ union, the team of students representatives there to make sure all your wants and needs for student life are met. Whether you need a friendly face, want to make a change to the university or get involved in a society these are the guys that are there to help you out!

So you can see from this that there is so much support for students at Edge Hill and although you wont have your parents there with you, there are people around to support you and you’re not alone!


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